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"The 360° VR selfie is the future"

- Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger

ContentMakers is the world’s leading gathering for content creators, connecting the world’s largest media and entertainment companies, with disruptive new brands, platforms, investors and creators.
A ticket to ContentMakers is the same cost as a ticket to Web Summit. Your ticket gives you access to all of ContentMakers' sessions, as well as more than a dozen other conferences held during Web Summit.

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What's Happening?

How will we consume and create content in ten years’, five years’ or even a year’s time? ContentMakers is the place to ask these questions – a place for those creating content, those distributing it, and perhaps most importantly, those monetising it. Join the world’s leading new media companies and content creators to ask these hard questions.


The continuing social media revolution and ability to create user-generated content brought a promise of a world where everyone has a voice. Has the promise materialised?

Are algorithms overly influencing the type of news to which people are exposed?
How can news networks balance real-time coverage with authenticity?
What models for paid content will succeed?
Are journalists becoming expert digital curators?

The VR takeover

It’s hard to find a single industry that doesn’t have huge potential to be transformed by virtual reality, but some are ahead of the game. Cinema, sports, and gaming are among the first to ride the VR wave, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

AR and VR: Allies or rivals?
What unexpected sectors will seize VR technologies?
What potential pitfalls will early-stage hardware and software version need to negotiate?
Do high-tech software and devices impact the quality of content?

TV and film

Binge streaming has replaced families huddling together to watch the six o’clock news. One thing never changes though: good content gets views.

How do premium publishers and creatives keep afloat in the on-demand world?
After a period of radical change, are we any closer to a model that will stick?
In a world where an ad campaign can be more popular than a hit single, where does the entertainment business place its bets?


From cave drawings and smoke signals to tweets, people are drawn to telling stories to wider audiences. But never has storytelling taken so many diverse, and disconnected forms.

Podcasts gave audio a digital renaissance. Will they thrive in the age of on demand, mobile and video?
Who has been at the forefront of cross-platform storytelling?
And just how huge is video?

The giants of the web assemble
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Everywhere you go it’s buzzing and it’s electric

It defines the ecosystem
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Discover Web Summit’s 24 Conferences