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"Science and religion are two different languages trying to tell the same story"

- Dan Brown, Author

FutureSocieties is the world's premier conference bringing together tech companies, industry influencers, leading thinkers, politicians and academics to discuss how our cities, our working lives and our culture are being transformed. For good and bad. A ticket to FutureSocieties is the same cost as a ticket to Web Summit. Your ticket gives you access to all of Future Societies' sessions, as well as more than a dozen other conferences held during Web Summit.


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What's Happening?

Is tech delivering on its promise to make life easier and more enjoyable for people across the world? Or does it contribute to the problem of inequality and entrench unfair power structures? FutureSocieties will bring together politicians, academics with the world’s most influential tech companies to ask where technology is failing us.

Identity and Politics

From hacktivists to political campaigners, from the UN to vigilantes, we will look at how tech is changing the face of politics.

How do data and social media impact elections and the democratic process?
Is the use of tech in law enforcement a double-edged sword?
Climate change: Where there is a will and technology, is there a way?


From Gen Y sharing platforms, to data leaks and automated marketing, we discuss if privacy as we know it is on the brink of extinction.

Will the world develop universal data protection laws across borders?
Who should own consumer data?
Who is preparing for the next wave of hacking?

Playtime with Robots

Toy with the conceptions we have of life with supercomputers by exploring some of the following areas.

Will we have humanoid robots reading bedtime stories and should we be worried?
Is targeted, location-based advertising just an annoyance or something more sinister and invasive?
Does artificial intelligence threaten the integrity of humanity?

Frontiers in work and education

Technology and the digital economy has transformed our work life and is challenging conventional education, training and career models. Let’s look to the future to see what is in store for work and education.

How can children be equipped to learn and compete in a digital economy?
Which professions will need a fundamental change of training?
Is a three-day weekend still a mere fallacy, and should it stay that way?
Will your boss soon be replaced by a machine?

Us and Tech

This track will hone in on how the digital age is changing how societies view themselves and the world around them.

The internet has allowed for great leaps in social movements and crowdsourcing, but at what cost?
Does social media exert too much influence on youth culture?
With AR and VR on the rise, does the blurring of virtual and real worlds need regulating?

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Discover Web Summit’s 24 Conferences