Masterclasses at Web Summit

Masterclasses are a great way to network and gain new insights. At Web Summit, we’re excited to offer a variety of in-depth learning opportunities led by industry experts.

Check out some of the masterclasses that took place at Web Summit 2023, and join us this November to learn from the best.

A view of an attendee taking notes at Masterclasses Stage during day two of Web Summit 2023 at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, Portugal

Check out some of our previous masterclasses

The green startups landscape in Germany: Business opportunities

[Hosted by Germany Trade and Invest]

Characteristics of Germany’s green startups’ eco-system: – German cluster locations – Available funding, support and opportunities for green startups in Germany.

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Poland: An emerging hub for technology and innovation

[Hosted by Polish Investment and Trade Agency]

Join our masterclass to learn more about Poland’s booming tech and investment scene. Explore the amazing ecosystem of thousands of startups and talented developers with our co-host: Microsoft.

The vanguard of Brazilian financial services

[Hosted by Federação Brasileira da Bancos]

The Brazilian banking industry stands out due to its innovation and technology, reinforcing the country as a vanguard in the industry. Products such as Pix the instant payment tool, and open finance confirm the new era of digital banking in the country.

Dubai's metaverse strategy: What, why and how?

[Hosted by Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism]

Dubai Metaverse Strategy – designed to revolutionise key sectors like public services, healthcare, tourism and more. How does the city plan to become one of the top 10 metaverse economies in the world?

Onchain banking: The Upcoming ReDeFi Revolution

[Hosted by Regulated Decentralised Finance]

ReDeFi Blockchain is set to transform the banking sector, enhancing efficiency, transparency, security, and transaction speed. Join us for a discussion on the latest trends in on-chain banking and how ReDeFi is shaping the future of regulated decentralised financial services.

Accelerating net zero: Tech's role in carbon neutrality

[Hosted by Tencent]

As we look to meet the net-zero goals of the UN’s Paris Agreement, there is a pressing need for businesses, government bodies, research institutions and NGO’s to connect, learn and act together.

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The entrepreneur's IPO: Taking your company public

[Hosted by David Meltzer Enterprises]

This masterclass will discuss exactly what to expect when pursuing a micro or small-cap IPO from the perspective of someone with over 30 years experience as a C-suite executive for public and private companies.

The promises of blockchain and Web3 explained

[Hosted by Algorand Foundation]

Amidst the rumors of blockchain’s downfall, what does it truly promise? Is this the end or the first leap into a new era? What is the difference between today’s internet and Web 3.0? Join us to understand what blockchain is and its role in the evolving internet landscape.

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Innovate big: Accelerators and venture building

[Hosted by Creative Dock]

How to scale new business approaches, products, and services using accelerators and venture building. Gain valuable insights on working with startups and leveraging technology to drive growth.

Funding the EU's digital transition

[Hosted by European Health and Digital Executive Agency]

Join this masterclass to learn about EU funding opportunities in the digital field, how to apply and get inspired by representatives of successful projects.

Scale to Southeast Asia with Singapore

[Hosted by Singapore Economic Development Board]

Join to connect with investors, corporates and policy makers, and learn from startups that have successfully leveraged programmes in Singapore to scale their businesses.

Think big, think Africa: Utilising African talent to scale

[Hosted by Tech Connect Africa]

Throughout this masterclass, Tech Connect Africa will share tactics on how to discover and connect with African talent, and ways to think about Africa in your organization’s global growth strategy.

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