NOVEMBER 5-8, 2018

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CoolBeez: The New Platform that Offers Shoppers Better Way to Choose
BERLIN (October 3, 2018) – A new platform, CoolBeez, is creating a buzz among online shoppers looking for an alternative to online reviews to make better buying decisions.
SnowHaze – a private browser including a Zero-Knowledge VPN to protect your personal data online
A private browser and a VPN to protect your data online, from large companies, hackers, and yourself. SnowHaze even automatically prevents adult-content websites from showing up in your history. Zürich – Switzerland SnowHaze is the first, easy to use, private browser that covers every aspect of protecting your personal data on your phone and the Internet. Our goal is to make data protection available to everyone, easy to use with an attractive design.
The Blockchain solution for the GDPR challenges
The EU GDPR Directive enforced in May 2018 substantially tightened the requirements for companies around the world regarding the processing of personal data of individuals within the European Union. The Directive establishes regulations for both processing and storing personal data as well as personal data exchange between the companies. The special attention is paid to the individuals control over their personal data. On the other hand companies specify clients profiles for personalization of services and follow Know Your Customer/Counterparty (KYC) requirements within the terror and fraud countering legislation.
Team Genesis sponsors Venture Summit
Lisbon, October 4, 2018 – Team Genesis of Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados (MLGTS) sponsors Venture Summit. Venture brings the most influential investors from top international funds together with leading angels, accelerators and LPs for an exclusive one-day event. Held right before Web Summit, this invite-only gathering is a day of focused talks, curated roundtable discussions and a chance to engage with the people driving change in investment.
Hackages launches platform to empower tech profiles through education and community events
The relevance of longlife learning opportunities for ICT profiles is a hot discussion topic nowadays. This is due to difficulties that companies encounter in attracting and retaining good and motivated tech talent, which will become even harder according to the latest World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, and the fast-changing technological world. This report shows as well that 81% of the surveyed believe continuous training should be the main implemented strategy by companies to tackle the pressing issue.
Former Visa CEO’s startup Crypterium runs the fastest crypto transactions in the world
Blockchain based fin-tech startup Crypterium challenges classic banks by introducing its new feature that allows anybody to transfer crypto using the recipient’s phone number, rather than the complicated wallet addresses. These transfers happen simultaneously, and the company claims it can process up to a million transactions per second, solving blockchain’s scalability issue.
TourScanner – Finding and comparing tours and travel activities has never been so easy
TourScanner has developed an advanced search engine which helps travellers to find and compare all the tours & travel activities available worldwide on one single website. Hamburg, Germany, July 11th, 2018 – TourScanner provides travellers with an advanced one-stop solution to search and compare tours and travel activities by aggregating offers from the largest online marketplaces, easily accessible on a single platform.
Play2Speak will launch this autumn their first VR experience “The Secret of Puffin Cove” that will allow you to practice your English while immersed in an exciting adventure on the coast of England. Madrid, August 2018 – Play2Speak will launch this autumn their first VR experience “The Secret of Puffin Cove”.
NEOSTARTER is the new digital startup ecosystem
The most important players in the startup industry are startups, investors, experts and companies. Startups need capital and a strong network, investors looking for investment opportunities, experts searching for client orders and companies exploring the market for inspiration and decisive innovation for their business. The effort for this on all sides is high and costs a lot of time and money! Roghmal Alami, initiator of NEOSTARTER, has worked intensively on this topic and developed the perfect solution together with his founding team. Sounds too good to be true? The beta version will be rolled out internationally on September 15, 2018!
Ibby: New messaging platform to power sales and customer support
Ibby, the new platform developed by Scottish startup HubSolv, is set to offer businesses modern messaging tools to power marketing, sales and customer support. Prime features include live chat to connect in real-time with visitors and customers, a unified inbox integrating multiple communication channels, and sales and support platform integrated with user tasks.
School 4.0 will launch MonitorMYClassroom during the Web Summit Alpha Program
The Portuguese Startup School 4.0 was one of the first to be chosen into the Alpha Program and it will embrace this opportunity to launch a new product, MonitorMyClassroom, during the event. School 4.0 creates a communication platform for schools that interconnects IoT Devices, Schools and People, digitalizing the School. Data such as CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Light, Movement and Sound is collected, and alerts are forwarded to staff to act upon, thus creating a better learning environment.
Copenhagen, Denmark, August 16th. Crably is an intuitive platform to publish, manage and manipulate information online that allows businesses and individuals to create websites and online applications in a simple way, while reducing your costs and time-to-delivery by up to 85%. Additionally, our SEO ready & landing pages make it easy to increase your success and place websites on the first page of Google.
The new age of free art
The new age of free art is here, announced Taras Maslov, the CEO of a new tech startup called ArtSense. Available this year as a web platform at first, ArtSense will offer a place where creators can publish their artworks such as illustrations, photography, film projects, music and writing.
16th August 2018, Stockholm – LCubed AB is proud to announce that it has been selected to participate in the 2018 Web Summit ALPHA programme in Lisbon, November 5-8, 2018. Web Summit 2018 expects to host more than 20,000 companies and is a premiere opportunity to gain exposure to some of the world’s top investors, media and business leaders.
Ready2Start The future of starting a business has just been released in Portugal
Oeiras, Portugal – 4th October: Launching at Web Summit 2018, Ready2Start (R2S) is the first ready to start business pack provider that truly empowers people who would like to have their own business, to achieve it quickly and at a fraction of the traditional cost. With R2S, having a business is for everyone.
Magik Book startup creates smart paper catalogue that connects to digital devices
Magik Book uses patented tech to bridge physical and digital in a unique type of augmented reality (Portugal – 9 May) – Magik Book, the first ever physical catalogue book that links to digital devices, has been launched by the Portugal-based startup of the same name. As Magik Book’s pages are turned, the smartphone or tablet responds with synchronized videos, animations, music, images, interactive models and more.
PeaCounts Develops Blockchain Payroll Protocol Based on Bitcoin Technology
Blockchain Accounting Revolutionizes Payroll to Create a System for Fair Employment “”PeaCounts,1 the blockchain payroll protocol, is reinventing work as we know it. PeaCounts is the world’s first AI- and blockchain-based payroll system, connecting developers to build human resource management solutions for businesses and industry leaders, to create new methods of measuring work and automating payment.
New York (June 5, 2018) — Timeshifter™ today announced the release of its Timeshifter app for iOS and Android, developed to help travelers eliminate jet lag. Timeshifter is based on the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience, and is developed with a leading expert in the field of circadian rhythms, Harvard Medical School Associate Professor Steven Lockley, Ph.D.
History Search, your way back to a million websites
With History Search, Internet users save time by efficiently retrieving online articles, documents, and other web content. Rotterdam, August 6, 2018 -​ Today the Dutch History Search launches an entirely new way to keep online information at your fingertips. With History Search Internet users can organise their information throughout the web. It does this by automatically indexing the text on web pages while browsing, making it searchable with anything someone remembers on it. History Search saves Internet users time every time they need a webpage again.
Web Summit to remain in Lisbon until 2028, in a new €110 million deal
With the inclusion of a buyout clause to the value of €3 billion
Wellnest, the cure to the burnout epidemic
It’s time to stop thinking that in order to be more productive and efficient we’ve got to put more pressure on our employees and work longer hours! WELLNEST is a new online platform that solves pressuring HR challenges for a brighter future, not only for companies but also for employees. One of the key features of the platform is to constantly audit and analyze companies’ well-being levels, which allows the platform to create tailored-made corporate wellness strategies that address employees’ specific needs.
Snovian.Space Announces Completion Of Full Features Integration For The Alpha Version Of The Reward Based Social Networking Platform has announced the main feature set implementation complete for the alpha version of its crypto reward based social network Snovian.Space.
Nect GmbH develops self-service future of identity verification
Located in Hamburg, the Nect GmbH is developing the self-service future of identity verification. The AI-based software solutions offer a very high degree of user-friendliness and cost-efficiency. This makes it ideal for regulated companies, that must comply with strict laws having the need for high confidence in identity (KYC).
Web Summit comes to your headphones
Europe’s biggest technology conference and PodcastOne, the leading US advertiser-supported on-demand digital audio network, today announced an exclusive podcast partnership. The deal will see live on-stage content from Web Summit curated into podcast episodes.
New anti-corruption bill is positive step for Ireland: Paddy Cosgrave, Web Summit CEO
New anti-corruption bill is positive step for Ireland: Paddy Cosgrave, Web Summit CEO
Twitter’s co-founder Evan Williams, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, and EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager announced as Web Summit 2018 speakers | May 15, 2018
Web Summit, one of the world’s largest and most influential technology events, today announced its initial speaker lineup. The 50 speakers announced are a fraction of the 1,200 speakers who will speak in November 2018.
Web Summit committed to further improving female ratio at its events | January 31, 2018
Web Summit, today announced details of “women in tech” – a ticketing initiative aimed at encouraging more women to attend its events across the world. 25,000 special tickets will be available to female entrepreneurs under the scheme which is aimed at improving female/male ratio at its events.