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"On social media you have to have a really great sense of self, know who you are and what you're trying to represent"

- Estee Lalonde, Vlogger

Modum is the world's leading fashion technology conference where leading brands, industry icons, marketers, investors and technologists connect to map the future. A ticket to Modum is the same cost as a ticket to Web Summit. Your ticket gives you access to all of Modum's sessions, as well as more than a dozen other conferences held during Web Summit.

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When will wearables go mainstream? How will luxury brands reach their customers in an age of digital disruption and fast fashion? Modum brings together their world’s leading brands, designers and more to explore where fashion will be in the coming years.


Learn about how advancements in tech are transforming design in the fashion industry in this highly focused track.

How has rapid prototyping and 3D printing affected fashion design?
How are VR and AR going to disrupt design over the next ten years?
What designers have been most successful in digital couture and why?
Renewability and sustainability: What effects do new design ideas have on the environment?


If you like to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s hot in fashion tech, this is the track for you.

Does fashion actually want connected devices?
Are synthetic materials where the fashion industry wants to embrace wearable tech?
What effect has 3D printing had on wearable manufacturers trying to break into the fashion industry?
What startups and big brands have nailed wearable tech?

E-commerce platforms and marketplaces

Fashion retail has changed forever. Exclusivity isn’t what it used to be – big fashion brands have to be online to survive. Explore the commercial side of being a modern fashion brand.

How can companies develop creative environments where interactive experiences are infused with the brand’s style?
How does social media affect our buying decisions and does the buy button work?
Who are the main players overcoming marketplace challenges best?
How can the use of data in e-commerce and retail further your business?


Fashion and branding go hand-in-hand. Get the branding right and your startup could be the next big thing. Get it wrong and you’re likely to fade into obscurity. This track will look at the good and bad of fashion branding.

To what degree can brand ambassadors influence our buying decisions?
What are the biggest challenges that traditional brands are facing today?
How can social media be used to create a richer customer experience?

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Discover Web Summit’s 24 Conferences