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“Style is key to all creative processes”

Jefferson Hack, Co-Founder & CEO, Dazed & Confused – Web Summit 2015

Modum is the world’s leading fashion technology conference. It’s where leading brands, industry icons, marketers, investors and technologists connect to map the future.

Previous speakers include

We have to question how much only chasing profit should motivate our business models. Lily Cole, Founder, Impossible

Fashion is ultimately about storytelling; it's about content Philippe von Borries, Founder, Refinery29

You have to have a great sense of self. Know who you are and what you're trying to represent Estée Lalonde, Beauty blogger

Companies that attend

The future of the fashion show

Creativity takes on commerce in this high profile discussion on the future of the fashion show and what needs to change in order for the system to prevail.


Leveraging the supermodel for change

The most famous transgender model in the world talks to us about trailblazing through the fashion world and breaking down walls in society's perception of gender.


Is transparency finally in style?

From an icon in fashion and business, we will take an expert look at the fashion industry's transparency issue and will explore the ways it can evolve and do better.


What's happening?

When will wearables go mainstream? How will luxury brands reach their customers in an age of digital disruption and fast fashion? Modum brings together the world’s leading brands, designers and more to explore where fashion will be in the coming years.

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Learn about how advancements in tech are transforming design in the fashion industry in this highly focused track.

What is the next step for the fashion industry in becoming more sustainable?
How are VR and AR going to influence design over the next five years?
How has rapid prototyping and 3D printing affected the industry?


If you like to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s hot in fashion tech, this is the track for you.

Is synthetic material the future of wearable tech?
Does fashion really want smart clothing?
How integral are strategic partnerships for driving innovation in the fashion wearables market?

Online marketplaces

Fashion retail has changed forever. Exclusivity isn’t what it used to be – big fashion brands have to be online to survive. Explore the commercial side of being a modern fashion brand.

Sink or swim: How are the industry titans competing with this new age of commerce?
Does the buy button work?
How can the use of data in e-commerce and retail further your business?


Fashion and branding go hand-in-hand. Get the branding right and your startup could be the next big thing. Get it wrong and you’re likely to fade into obscurity. This track will look at the good and bad of fashion branding.

How can luxury brands remain relevant in a millennial world?
As today’s branding evolves – what is the power of a logo?
Is there a brand ambassador bubble in social media?

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Discover Web Summit’s 25 conferences