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“It’s an experimental period. Let’s experiment, and see what works for each of us”

Bono, musician

MusicNotes is the world’s leading music and technology conference where global brands, artists, labels, marketers, investors and industry icons meet.

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A true artist who breaks through and challenges popular convention can be a generational spokesman Michael Azerrad, Journalist & Author

Music videos are not just about monetisation, they represent the artist's vision of a song Kevin McGurn, Chief Sales Officer, Vevo

The music festival is about community. It's about bringing people together Marian Goodell, CEO, Burning Man

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Music tech is changing faster than ever before. Cutting-edge technologies, the new streaming age and licensing are fundamentally changing the music landscape. Top people in the music and technology industry like Ne-Yo, Marian Goodell of Burning Man and Bruce Pavitt of Sub Pop Records will discuss the huge opportunities and huge challenges this change is bringing.

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Hear from artists about the opportunities and challenges afforded by technology today. Listen to the beats and sounds of musicians on stage.

How does the advent of the streaming age impact on artists?
In the maze of today’s copyright and publishing rights, how can technology help?
How does tech enhance and inspire creativity?
How is the relationship between artist and manager evolving?

The music business has been completely disrupted over the last two decades. That much is a truism. Where do we now stand, and what does the future hold?

How do we reform streaming and licensing regulations?
Does the music business need transparency reform, similar to that seen in the financial world?
Will we see the extinction of record labels in their current form?
How are artists empowered to manage their own business via technology?

Blockchain for music rights. Curate the sounds around you. Experience VR concerts up close. Learn about the latest innovations in music and technology.

How can we use blockchain for music rights?
Can we use technology to curate the sounds around us?
How can VR change our experience of concerts up close?
Data analytics and music: Can machine learning replace A&R?

Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube. Listeners are spoiled for choice. Hear the latest tech to change things for the listener: VR at performances, global availability of libraries, access to artists and more.

What’s next for the major streaming companies?
What tech innovations will have the most impact on listeners?
Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram: How are we engaging directly with artists?
AI, VR, AR: Where is the live experience heading?

The giants of the web assemble Wall Street Journal

Everywhere you go it’s buzzing and it’s electric Bloomberg

It defines the ecosystem The Guardian

Discover Web Summit’s 23 conferences

  • Autotech
  • Data
  • Content
  • Design
  • Developer
  • Growth
  • Healthtech