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“I met Bono and Elon Musk on a Pub Crawl”


What is Pub Summit?

Bono, Elon Musk and Game of Thrones' King Joffrey along with thousands more have all been on our Pub Crawls. They've become an annual ritual at Web Summit for thousands of our attendees. You really never know who you'll meet on the streets and in the bars. Uber raised a famous round of funding in a pub at Web Summit. So will you be joining thousands of attendees by night on the streets of Lisbon? Of course you will! eoghan-night-1000x800Web Summit 2015 attendees on a Pub Crawl Web Summit doesn't end each day with the final talk on Centre Stage. Far from it. In fact, we find that some of the most valuable connections our attendees make are forged after hours. Pub Crawls kick off in the early evening and run till whenever you decide to call it a night. You might just not want the evening to end. eoghan-nightbrunette-1000x800Join the network at night Experience the charms of Lisbon's fado bars, have a caipirinha, maybe hit one of the city's nightclubs afterwards. Do it all with the network of founders, CEOs, investors and startups hitting Lisbon for Web Summit. eoghan-nightskyline-1000x800There's something special about an evening in Lisbon  

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Discover Web Summit’s 24 Conferences