NOVEMBER 5-8, 2018

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NOVEMBER 5-8, 2018

“Connect with fans by being authentic, provide quality content”

Richard Arnold, Director, Manchester United – Web Summit 2016

SportsTrade is the world’s largest sports business conference, connecting the owners of the world’s leading franchises, media companies, sports stars, retailers, brands and tech companies.
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Data analytics can turn the odds of getting a player transfer decision right in your favour Blake Wooster, Co-founder & CEO, 21 Club

Nowadays, sportspeople are reaching their peak later in life, and that's because of technology Luke Campbell, Olympic Gold Medalist

Social media has changed the way fans interact with sportspeople. I don't have to wait for a publisher to connect me with them Anastasia Ashley, Pro Surfer

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What's happening?

The way we interact with our favourite sports team and sports stars has changed utterly. From virtual to augmented reality with a dash of social media along the way, we have never been closer to our sporting idols. SportsTrade, the world's largest sports business conference, will bring together true sporting icons, world-leading sports media, retailers and more, all under one roof.

Sports Business

A dedicated track within Sport Summit tailored to anyone interested in how the roles of the athlete, brand and franchise are evolving in the 21st century. This track will explore how the exploits of the athlete fuel the business of sport.

Team vs player: Which is more powerful when it comes to brand?
What attracts athletes to business?
What type of companies are athletes investing in?
Who owns the rights to what when it comes to sport?

Sports broadcasting

A dedicated track within Sport Summit tailored to anyone interested in the ways in which we consume sport are changing. This track will explore the impact of streaming, the second screen, and the potential options for broadcasters as sport moves on to the next level.

Breaking tradition: Can streaming overtake traditional sports broadcasting?
How will second screen viewing evolve?
What opportunities are there for tech companies looking to disrupt sports broadcasting?
Can VR succeed where 3D failed?

Social impact of sport

Discover how the world’s leading athletes and franchises are using their global influence for social good.

Can we quantify the social impact of sport?
How does sport transcend social barriers?
Why should athletes make a social impact?
How can social good impact fan engagement?
Is there a broader role for sports clubs and franchises in society?
Do global sporting events really leave a legacy?


Explore how virtual and augmented reality are transforming the sporting landscape. Learn from world-leading athletes and coaches who are using VR to get that extra edge, as well as the founders of the biggest and best VR and AR companies.

Will VR really improve professional athletes?
How will VR change how we watch sport?
How is VR going to be monetised in sport?
How mainstream will VR become in sports?
Which sports will VR and AR really influence?


Take a look into the increasing influence data and analytics are having on decision-making in elite-level sport. Hear from world-leading athletes and coaches who are using data to inform their actions.

How are real-time analytics changing the role of the modern day coach?
What is the next evolution of the Moneyball theory?
Do athletes pay attention to real-time analytics?
Nature vs nurture: What can data tell us that we don’t already know?
What’s the outlook for fantasy sports?

Elite performance

If you’re interested in how elite athletes prepare to perform at the highest level, this track is for you. Attendees will hear from world-leading athletes, coaches, founders and more about the techniques, standard and drive required to become the best.

What are the traits of a great athlete?
How will athlete preparation evolve over the next two years?
What sets the 1 percent apart from the rest?
Elite vs non-elite: Is the gap widening?
How can technology enhance consistency in performance?

The giants of the web assemble Wall Street Journal

Everywhere you go it’s buzzing and it’s electric Bloomberg

It defines the ecosystem The Guardian

Discover Web Summit’s 25 tracks

  • Autotech
  • Data
  • Content
  • Design
  • Developer
  • Growth
  • Healthtech