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Sophia the Robot – Web Summit 2016

TalkRobot is the world’s leading gathering for artificial intelligence, robotics and hardware experts, connecting thousands of leading companies, startups, investors, engineers, roboticists and researchers.


Our first speakers

Artificial intelligence will free humans from work. We will be able to move on to a more meaningful existence Ben Goertzel, Chief Scientist, Hanson Robotics

What if our devices could sense, and then adapt to our emotions? Rana el Kaliouby, Co-Founder, Affectiva

Innovation is the best shortcut Jasen Wang, Founder & CEO, Makeblock

Companies that attend

What's happening?

Artificial intelligence and robotics have been a cornerstone of science fiction for decades. Now we experience them in real life. Join the world’s most influential AI companies, startups, engineers and researchers and more at TalkRobot to discuss the rise of robots.


This track will question the ethics of AI as it is introduced to more industries, asking what safeguards and regulations need to be put in place.

Is it problematic if AI is predicting human behaviour?
How many of the world’s jobs will robots take?
How can machines and humans work together in the future?

Commercial applications

AI will change the way companies do business. In this track, we’ll look at when this transformation will truly become visible.

How is AI being used in tasks like news coverage and financial reporting?
What are the considerations in automating transportation?
What happens when we apply AI to industries such as entertainment and music?


Robotics and AI go hand-in-hand. Here we’ll look at some of the burning questions in robotics.

What is the best, most precise definition of a robot?
Will social robots become mainstream, acting as companions for individuals and families?
How much more advanced will robotics get?

Discover Web Summit’s 25 conferences

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