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A partial image of a hand holding a smartphone. The NYTimes game Wordle is displayed on screen.

NYT Games: Time well spent?

In recent years, the New York Times has made a strategic bet on games, shifting focus from the ne...

September 27 - 2 min read
Image of two people (Kelly Burton, CEO, Black Innovation Alliance; Janaye Ingram, Director of Community Partner Programs & Engagement, Airbnb) sitting on stage on perspex and plastic chairs. The person on the left appears to be talking while the person on the right looks on.

How can you build tech equity?

Tech is increasingly integral to our every day lives, but is it fit for purpose? Embracing tech e...

September 19 - 4 min read

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A black and white cut out image of a person holding their hat aloft in their left hand while operating a vintage style camera.

The power of citizen grassroots journalism in a digital age

In an era of misinformation and marginalisation, how can creator...

September 13 - 2 min read
A cut-out image of a retro games console. The background contains three arrows in a row, pointing to the right.

Why is gaming dominating the entertainment industry?

As an interactive medium, empowering creators to building commun...

September 12 - 2 min read
A seated person (Liana M Douillet Guzmán, CEO, Folx Health) is gesturing and appears to be talking.

Improving LGBTQ+ healthcare through tech and education

LGBTQ+ people have long faced discrimination and gaps in access ...

August 29 - 2 min read
Image of an open mouth with a tongue sticking out. Sitting on the tongue is what appears to be an acid tab with dollar sign printed on it.

Here’s why LSD is good for business

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is emerging as a promising treatmen...

August 15 - 1 min read