Engineer’s Corner: Q&A with Dino Bikic

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Looking for an engineering job? Find out what it’s like to work on the Web Summit engineering team, direct from one of our Android developers: Dino Bikic.

Hi Dino! Where are you from, and what’s your educational and professional background?

I’m from Croatia and I currently live in Berlin. I graduated with a master’s degree in computer science, worked at one of Croatia’s biggest digital agencies, then went on to work with a US-based crypto startup before joining Web Summit.

Why did you join Web Summit?

I joined Web Summit because I wanted to be part of a product that has a global impact.

Also, it offered the flexibility I needed. I was looking for remote positions, since I had decided that I don’t want to be tied to one place for the whole year. Spending the summers by the Croatian seaside while working on cool features that will be used by the biggest names in the tech industry is quite appealing to me.

How would you describe your role here?

I’m primarily an Android developer, but for some time now I’ve been working on a microservice – written in Rust – for generating UI on the clients.

What tech stack do you work with at Web Summit?

I work with the Android framework and Rust Actix.

What are some of the most common challenges that your team has to solve and work on?

We have to make sure that the app we ship has the best possible UX and that it is 100-percent crash-free.

Dino Bikic

What’s the most challenging project that the team has worked on?

I would say the most challenging project has been developing a framework for server-side generation of client UI components.

How does the engineering team help other teams in Web Summit?

We have a weekly meeting where people can share interesting new technologies and cool things they’re working on. Also, we have multiple Slack channels for knowledge sharing.

What aspect of your work do you enjoy the most?

I think it is the ability to be 100-percent remote.

What do you do for fun? Do you have any hobbies?

I love to travel, and I enjoy hiking, riding my bike, going to concerts, and hanging out with my friends.

Interested in joining our engineering team? Check out Web Summit’s careers page for more information, and for current job opportunities.

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