NOVEMBER 5-8, 2018

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NOVEMBER 5-8, 2018

Women in tech

How do we build a more inclusive and diverse tech industry? We’re committed to changing the gender ratio at our events, and empowering women across the globe through fostering networking opportunities, mentorship programmes, as well as our online women in tech community. Sign up for our global women in tech newsletter below.

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Web Summit's events really seem to focus on and encourage women through specific recruitment programs. Some organisations talk about encouraging representation but Web Summit actually back that up by supporting a diversity of faces in their speaker mix and their audience. Leitha, COO, Zuper

The women in tech initiative enabled me to go to Web Summit twice, and the experience was life changing. I had the chance to have a women in tech mentor. She was very inspiring and gave me some great advice. Maria, Data analytics lead, Criteo

The Web Summit global women in tech community helped me realise all the opportunities that are in the tech environment and the people I met here made me feel more confident in my skills and strengths. Miruna, Founder, inquito

About Web Summit and our commitment to change

In just eight years, Web Summit has become “the world’s largest and leading technology conference”, but during that time female participation in the tech sector has been and continues to be a significant issue.

In 2016, we started an initiative to even the gender ratio at Web Summit. We gave 10,000 special tickets to women around the world, and 14,000 in 2017. This year, we want to continue our commitment to change and increase gender diversity at our events even further. We’re offering 25,000 special tickets to women across our events around the world – Web Summit in Lisbon, Collision in New Orleans, MoneyConf in Dublin and RISE in Hong Kong. 10,000 women in tech tickets have already been claimed for Collision – will we be seeing you at Web Summit, RISE or MoneyConf?

Please note that women in tech ticket applications have now closed for 2018. Never miss another special offer or speaker announcement. Sign up for our global women in tech newsletter to stay up to date.

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