Podcast: Femtech’s on a new frontier. Period.

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Clue femtech app senior management

Digital health apps shouldn’t have less regulation than children’s toys. So say the co-CEOs of femtech startup Clue, Audrey Tsang and Carrie Walter.

Health apps are not just for tracking exercise or sleep. In a fast growing space often referred to as ‘femtech’, there are apps for all aspects of menstrual health and Clue is leading the charge.

Period tracking app Clue was the first – and, to date, only – app to receive FDA approval for all-digital birth control.

In this episode of Web Summit’s The Next Stage podcast, Audrey and Carrie talk to Katherine Ellen Foley, FDA reporter with Politico, about how they have differentiated Clue in the femtech market by providing medical device grade features.

The co-CEOs also discuss the future of health apps that collect masses of very personal data, asking whether they should be categorised as mass consumer apps, medical devices or something in between?

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