Meet 4 of our nominees for the 2024 Earthshot Prize

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Web Summit is an official Earthshot nominator. Check some of our picks for the 2024 prize.

The Earthshot Prize is an annual global environmental award presented to five startups that are committed to improving the state of our planet.

Each year, the Prize – presented by the Royal Foundation – awards recipients GB£1 million to continue their environmental work and develop solutions to repair the planet.

This year, Web Summit returns as a nominator for the prize, submitting more than double the number of nominees we did in 2023.

Meet some of our candidates.


Solbid is an AI-powered platform for designing, procuring, installing and deploying commercial solar power.

Founded in 2014, Solbid’s aim is to simplify the process of obtaining and using solar energy. By minimising internal resource demands, project development timelines and overall project costs, the company empowers other businesses to procure clean energy assets.


Founded in response to the amount of water wasted globally, WaterSec uses technology to shape water consumption and create more sustainable usage practices.

WaterSec’s smart monitoring solution consists of four main principles: real-time data acquisition, cloud-based architecture, data integrity and confidentiality, and data mining-based patternisation.

To date, WaterSec has partnered with businesses including EY, Hannover Messe and Microsoft for Startups.


Founded in 2014 with a mission to integrate technology solutions into braille education, Bonocle is a Doha-based startup aimed at empowering the blind community.

Bonocle’s first innovation is a device that allows the visually impaired to interpret the contents of any electronic device through the medium of braille.

By using engineering and the latest technological innovations to craft products and experiences that cater to their users, the company seeks to make braille education accessible, effective, engaging and enjoyable.


As the climate crisis worsens, a strain is being put on existing energy infrastructure.

Sponge – a renewable energy company providing predictive control solutions and design-build services for renewable energy microgrids – aims to reshape energy access through more efficient and more widely distributed energy systems.

Headquartered in Toronto, the company utilises its technology to make solar power more accessible in order to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future.

Explore our full list of nominees:


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