How Web Summit helped accelerate growth at Omnix

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In our series exploring successful startup stories at our events, we sat down with Aaron Cassorla, co-founder and CEO of Omnix.

Founded in 2019, Chilean startup Omnix is a value-chain automation company. Focused on helping businesses enhance their efficiency and productivity, the South American company works to generate real-time corrective actions to respond to supply-chain disruptions caused by staff shortages, system failures and unforeseen circumstances.

Omnix has a long history of attendance at our events, and has attributed much of its success to its presence at Web Summit.

Find out why co-founder and CEO Aaron Cassorla believes our events are ‘a catalyst for growth and expansion’.

What was your first experience at a Web Summit event like, and why did you decide to attend?

Our first experience at Web Summit 2022 was an absolute adventure. We were brought to the event by the government of Chile. Upon arrival, we realized that the event was entirely different from what we had imagined, but we understood that it was crucial to be immersed in that ecosystem.

Our experience at Web Summit Rio [in 2023] opened doors to a world of multinational companies, revealing the immense potential of Web Summit events as a catalyst for growth and expansion. Since then, we have not missed any edition of the event, always exploring new opportunities in the various countries where it takes place.

A key piece of advice to make the most of these events is to fully immerse yourself in the ecosystem. Being there means having the opportunity to network, exchange knowledge, and, most importantly, drive the growth of your business. The key is to participate actively, connecting and sharing with others.

What is something you wish you knew before attending the event?

Before attending a Web Summit event, I wish I had understood the true value of being part of the ecosystem. Web Summit events are unlike any others – investors and entrepreneurs directly approach you with an interest in your company. This opens up a world of opportunities to expand your network and build meaningful connections within your sector and beyond. 

My advice for those considering attending is this: apply and actively engage with the event. Start conversations, meet new people and make the most out of every opportunity your attendance provides, such as accessing different sessions and Lounges.

The key is to always be ready to interact and take advantage of the benefits this unique space offers.

At Web Summit Rio 2023, you and your team established a relationship with your country manager in Brazil. Tell me a bit about that – how it came about and how it has supported the success of Omnix.

At Web Summit Rio 2023, Omnix’s path to success began to take shape. During the event, we not only captured the interest of potential representatives and companies but also opened doors to future collaborations, marking the beginning of a fruitful journey that allowed us to explore new opportunities in Brazil.

Our encounter with Ariel, our current country manager in Brazil – a relationship crucial to Omnix’s current success – resulted from our strategy of actively approaching different professionals at the event and participating in forums.

Through these interactions, we were introduced to local startup groups, which led us to meet key figures in Rio’s business ecosystem, including Ariel, who is a prominent personality in the local Jewish community.

Have you received funding or made any useful contacts as a result of attending our events?

At Web Summit 2022, we didn’t establish many contacts with investors, funds or companies. However, once we fully integrated into the startup ecosystem and immersed ourselves in the event, the situation changed completely.

By fully immersing ourselves in the community, we were able to secure about ten meetings a day with different funds, a surprisingly high amount considering we hadn’t actively sought funding at the time. This exposure opened our eyes to the importance of staying active and open to new opportunities.

During that same event, we made a key connection with Grupo Salinas from Mexico, leading us to sign contracts and secure representation to distribute our product throughout the country in the following months. This partnership completely transformed our market entry strategy in Mexico, allowing us to access major companies through the consultancy and support of Grupo Salinas.

Participation in events like Web Summit is crucial. From making meaningful contacts to signing significant agreements, the opportunities afforded to us by attending Web Summit events would have been much more difficult to secure without the platform that these events provide.

Would you recommend Web Summit events to other founders?

Without a doubt, I would recommend Web Summit events to any founder looking to boost their startup. These events are much more than simple conferences or networking meetings, they are true catalysts for opportunities.

My experience has been extremely positive: from establishing valuable connections to receiving funding and expanding our international presence.

What’s most important is the community you’ll find: a group of ambitious, innovative people willing to share knowledge and experiences. The energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and inspiration is guaranteed.

Aaron Cassorla, Omnix co-founder and CEO

Active participation in the Web Summit ecosystem opens doors beyond what one can imagine, allowing you to connect with investors, potential partners, and clients from all over the world. Moreover, the visibility your startup can gain is invaluable, providing a unique platform to showcase your project to a broad and diverse audience.

What’s most important is the community you’ll find: a group of ambitious, innovative people willing to share knowledge and experiences. The energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and inspiration is guaranteed.

So if you’re looking to accelerate the growth of your startup, explore new opportunities and immerse yourself in a vibrant environment full of potential, Web Summit events are the place to be. The investment in time and resources is completely worth it for the return in terms of contacts, insights and, above all, growth opportunities.

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