Startup Success: Hytag, Web Summit and surprise investment

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We spoke with Paulo Henrique De Nunzio about why he looks forward to our events and what he his startup has gained from his Web Summit experiences.

Founded in 2020, martech company Hytag is one of the many successful startups in the Web Summit network. Focused on the hyper-personalisation of digital media, the company produces up to 250 personalised digital ads per minute.

Hytag has come a long way since first joining the startup programme at Web Summit 2022. Investors, tech companies and global brands have since approached Hytag to support the expansion of the company and help foster its success.

We spoke to Hytag co-founder and CEO Paulo Henrique De Nunzio about his experience at our events and why his company is excited to join us again in Lisbon this November.

What was your first experience at our events, and why did you choose to attend?

Last year, we went to Web Summit in Lisbon. We had just finished our validation phase here in Brazil, and all the feedback we received mentioned how our technology is unique. So we said, ‘OK, in Brazil, nobody is doing that’. So, we asked ourselves, ‘Where’s the biggest event in the world where we can showcase new technology?’. We decided to go to Web Summit.

The feedback we had was amazing. Companies throughout Europe, Asia… Everybody was very interested in what we were doing. In November, we are going back to Lisbon. We are going global and the kickoff will be in Lisbon.

What stage was Hytag at when you and your team first attended? Have you seen progress within your company since?

When we went to Web Summit, we had no clients at that point. Now, we already have five recurring clients, including Carrefour – the supermarket company – and Meta. And we are talking to other great companies in Brazil and at various ad agencies.

Did you make any useful contacts at our events?

Yes, from business partners to investors and suppliers. We weren’t even in the funding stage; we weren’t seeking investment. And then we were contacted by investors and arranged a meeting. From there, we’ve made connections with tech companies, major clients, big brands and investors.

With all of that in mind, would you recommend our events to other founders?

Yes, of course. Actually, one of our investors is a country manager of a company that opened business here in Brazil. I told him about our experience and he already asked me for contacts to get involved in Web Summit Rio next year.

Is there anything you’re particularly excited to experience or anyone you’re hoping to meet here in Lisbon?

Our main goal in Lisbon is to build a network of companies in Europe – especially in Portugal, because of the language. I believe that the first step is Europe. We’re really looking forward to building new networks in Europe.

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Main image of Paulo Henrique De Nunzio: Hytag

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