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“At Web Summit you listen and take it all in. At Night Summit you meet people and connect”

Robert Fenton, Founder, ZenDoc

The giants of the web assemble in Lisbon to experience the best of the Portuguese capital’s nightlife.

You weren’t thinking of sleeping, were you?

Web Summit doesn’t end at 5pm.
From November 6 to November 9 we’re bringing legendary networking to the streets of Lisbon. Night Summit will take over the City of Lisbon from 8pm nightly.

Each night we’ll introduce you to a different zone in Lisbon city centre - Barrio Alto, Pink Street and Cais do Sodré. We'll be hitting venues like Cargo 111 Bar, The Old Pharmacy, Pensão Amor and Duplex Bar.

You may not know their names now, but you’ll remember them after Night Summit.

The giants of the web assemble Wall Street Journal

Everywhere you go it’s buzzing and it’s electric Bloomberg

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Discover Web Summit’s 25 conferences