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A gathering place for artists, designers and visionaries from all disciplines and corners of tech to explore challenges and opportunities for creative thinking.

Photograph of a person (Actor Lupita Nyong‘o) speaking on stage at Web Summit. The person is gesturing with their hands.
Lupita Nyong'o
Generative AI

GenAI is shaking up the design world, making processes smoother, sparking innovation, and expanding creativity. But, authentic creativity must remain at the forefront of the industry. How can the perfect balance can be achieved?

Purpose-driven branding

Explore how brands are forging deeper connections by standing for something meaningful. Experts share insights into the pivotal role of brand purpose in shaping consumer relationships as they navigate the modern market landscape.

An illustration of two solid pyramids of colour stacked one on top of the other against a solid background.
Creative process: Order in chaos

Industry experts share insights and strategies for successfully guiding projects from conception to delivery within the dynamic and ever-changing realm of design.

Next-gen creative tools

Explore the changing world of creative tools and learn how the democratisation of design is bringing equality to the creative industry, opening up new possibilities for creators to let their imaginations run wild.

Meet the creative speakers joining us in Lisbon

Hovhannes Avoyan
Hovhannes Avoyan
Hovhannes Avoyan
Founder & CEOPicsart
Sairah Ashman
Sairah Ashman
Sairah Ashman
Global CEOWolff Olins
Karl Lieberman
Karl Lieberman
Karl Lieberman
Global Chief Creative OfficerWieden+Kennedy
Lainey Molnar
Lainey Molnar
Lainey Molnar
Illustrator & Content Creator
Nicolas Heymann
Nicolas Heymann
Nicolas Heymann
Founder & CEOKittl

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Photograph of a person (Hovhannes Avoyan, Founder and CEO of Picsart) speaking on stage at Web Summit. The person is sitting on a chair and gesturing with their hands.An illustration of two solid pyramids of colour stacked one on top of the other against a solid background.

“It might end up just being practical if we get used to doing difficult things.”

Photograph of a person (Africa Brooke, Author) speaking on Creatiff Stage at Web Summit. They are gesturing with their hands. The Web Summit logo appears in the background.

Africa Brooke, Author

“Pieces of content – featured films – are infused with more technology than planes.”

Photograph of a person (Kate Swanborg, SVP of Technology Communications at DreamWorks Animation) speaking on stage at Web Summit. The person is standing and gesturing with their hands.

Kate Swanborg, SVP of Technology Communications, DreamWorks Animation

“Creativity is the tool that disrupts bad habits with originality.”

Zoomed-in photograph of a person (Brian Collins, co-founder of COLLINS) speaking on the Creatiff stage at Web Summit 2023. The person is wearing a cap and an on-ear microphone. They are using their right hand to speak.

Brian Collins, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, COLLINS.

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