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A photograph of a person (Daniel Yanisse, co-founder of Checkr) speaking onstage at Web Summit. They are sitting on a chair and wearing a headset microphone, while gesturing with their hands. The Web Summit branding is visible behind them.

Are people with criminal records an untapped resource for tech?

People with criminal records are often shut out of the labour market. But some companies have rec...

October 24 - 1 min read
Image in the style of a magazine cover with pages visible behind the front cover. The front cover has an image of a person smiling and text saying 'women in tech' with the title: 'The state of gender equity in tech'

Survey finds sexism and bias still major issues for women in tech

Almost 50 percent of women feel their workplace isn’t combatting gender inequality – according to...

October 24 - 2 min read

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Two vintage style robots face each other. They have displays in place of faces. There is a heart symbol on the left robot's display.

Rise of the bots: Friend or foe for cybersecurity?

“The next generation of bots is going to be an amazing vector fo...

October 17 - 2 min read
Image of a person (Hovhannes Avoyan, Picsart) from the elbows up, on a solid background with two sideward-facing triangles. They appear to be speaking.

AI is not your enemy; it’s your co-pilot

Despite media critiques of creatives losing out on jobs to gener...

October 11 - 2 min read
An image of a person (Christian Weedbrook, founder and CEO of Xanadu) wearing a t-shirt. They appear to be talking while gesturing with their hands. The background contains two arrow shapes, pointing upwards and stacked on top of each other.

How close are we to actual quantum computing?

Are we nearing an era where fully functional quantum computers a...

October 10 - 2 min read

If you can’t beat them, join them

Instead of resisting it, companies are brainstorming ways they c...

October 4 - 3 min read