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“In the future, you’ll be able to view an image of your skeleton and the disease states around it”

– 3D4Medical CEO, John Moore

HealthConf is the world’s leading healthtech gathering where industry giants, disruptive startups, investors and innovators meet to redefine fitness, health and healthcare.

A ticket to HealthConf is the same cost as a ticket to Web Summit. Your ticket gives you access to all of HealthConf’s sessions, as well as more than a dozen other conferences held during Web Summit.


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What's Happening?

How will technology help us live healthier and longer lives? The world’s leading physicians, medtech startups, investors and people redefining health will try to answer this question at HealthConf. Explore how your health, and your family’s health will be affected by this digital age in which we’re living.

Life-Threatening Disease

Tailored to anyone interested in how technology is helping fight chronic and life-threatening diseases. Learn about how tech is aiding those who are living with these diseases. Attendees will hear from the world’s leading academics, health practitioners and healthcare companies.

What role can technology play in the fight against cancer?
How is tech preventing the spread of epidemics?
Acute vs long-term: Can tech save us from both?
Is a future free of terminal disease possible?

Real-Time Healthcare

A track tailored to anyone interested in how real-time healthcare is changing the way we look after our health. This track will appeal particularly to those involved in public health, professional health, self-diagnosis and on-demand services.

What is the future role of the GP?
Can we trust on-demand services?
Can online diagnosis ever be completely accurate?
Where are the big opportunities for investment in healthcare?
Does the range of healthcare tools empower or imperil the consumer?

Robotics and VR

Take a look at how robots are changing the future of healthcare. Hear from the world’s leading health practitioners and healthcare companies, as well as those creating the technology allowing robots to play such an important role in health services.

Robots vs humans: Whom can we trust more?
How exactly are robots improving healthcare?
How can VR help tackle the issue of mental health?

Health Data

If you’re interested in the ever-increasing role of data in healthcare, this track is one for you. Explore big data, analytics, hacking and predictive analysis in healthcare.

Is data on our health really private?
How can big data healthcare analytics predict diagnosis?
How accurate is genome sequencing?
What is the future for bio-hacking?
Human vs machine: Whom do we trust when it comes to data?


Find out more about how wearables can assist in everyday life, outside of fitness. Learn from leading academics, health practitioners and healthcare companies, as well as those behind wearable tech that is changing the way we monitor our day-to-day activities.

How can wearables improve elderly care?
What do wearables mean for fundamental societal problems such as obesity?
Why are hackers targeting wearables?
Why should we monitor our sleep?

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Discover Web Summit’s 24 Conferences