NOVEMBER 5-8, 2018

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NOVEMBER 5-8, 2018


Web Summit is the meeting place for the world’s most inspiring speakers, companies and exhibitors, as well as some of the most exciting startups in tech. Check out what some of Web Summit’s past attendees have said about their experience.

What startups say about exhibiting at Web Summit

We made in one day, more interesting contacts and sales leads than in the last 3 months


Web Summit has encouraged us to use conferences in our sales and partnerships strategy

- Monday

We have found a lot of interesting people interested in our services.

- Anetwork

Web Summit was fantastic, the content provided by the speakers was amazing, super friendly crowd.

- Any Quip

We had a great time meeting so many people at Web Summit

- Brushies

Connected and interacted with wonderful people at Web Summit

- Deal'n

The world’s best minds are at Web Summit

- Dirica

We're looking forward to following up with all the great people we've met at Web Summit 2016. It was an unforgettable event.

- EpicFlow

We had a great time talking to hundreds of people that were genuinely interested in our product and we now have dozens of new quality leads.

- eventfuel

Amazing time at Web Summit. Looking forward to collaborating with the thought leaders we got to meet. Thanks for the incredible experience!

- FairFleet

The best part about Web Summit is meeting people and connecting with an audience that really has something in common with you and your business.

- Football Man

Thanks Web Summit and thanks Lisbon for an excellent Web Summit 2016, see you next year!

- FunkyTime

In our personal experience, it’s not difficult getting funding at Web Summit

- GeekyAnts

Thank you to everyone that has helped make this week so special. Web Summit has been fantastic. Until next time Lisbon.

- Gig Pic

We like the madness, the energy and the voices we hear at Web Summit

- Healcerion

It has been a great experience, a lot of contacts and new people. We have created a lot of brand awareness here.

- Heart Genetics

We came to Web Summit to get exposure and it is a really great platform to do just that.

- Illumr

We'll remember the immense energy and passion everyone we encountered possessed. Can't wait until next year.

- Infuse

It was a great experience, we met with so many amazing people and other startups

- iResTech

Pumped to be at Web Summit and happy to meet a great bunch of people

- Leaflink

Web Summit so far has been super, we have gained many potential partnerships for the future. It has been wonderful to be here, see you next year.

- Linked By Music

Web Summit brought together innovators from all industries, it was great to meet other entrepreneurs who strive for better

- Mobiag

We are so happy to be at Web Summit to meet people.

- Poochie's

Super busy and awesome days exhibiting at Web Summit. Met great potential partners and lots of innovative tech companies

- Respawn Group

Web Summit has been absolutely incredible and a very worthwhile experience for us, i’ve never seen anything like this.

- School Angel

We're back from the Web Summit and we loved it

- Smarter Time

Web Summit was weeks ago but we're still reaping the fruits from the event

- StopMyCraving

I think it is a great way to integrate with other companies and very useful to get feedback on our product.

- Subscribely

The Web Summit community provided Swishlinks with such positive feedback and validation about our app.

- Swishlinks

We have met customers and been inspired by new ideas at Web Summit, we are definitely coming back next year.

- Unyktv

First day of Web Summit surpassed our expectations. We already have 406 Viable Reports

- Viable

Our goals were the same that any other startup: get as more meetings as we could with possible investors, partners, clients and journalists. Did we succeed? Hell, yeah!

- Wizdee

We have found Web Summit to be a great experience for startups to gain exposure. Great networking events. The contacts we have made here have been invaluable to our company.

- Worm

3 amazing days at Web Summit, thank you everyone who joined us at our stands

- Xhockware Group

Web Summit is a great platform to grab a coffee and meet a lot of people

- XM Online

I would like to tell more startups from Hong Kong to come to Web Summit

- Ycera

What some of our attendees say about Web Summit

Forbes, Huffington Post, USA Today, and more come to Web Summit

A grand conclave of the tech industry’s high priests.

- New York Times

The giants of the web assemble.

- Wall Street Journal

The world’s largest tech conference.

- Financial Times

One of the most important events in the international Tech calendar.

- Huffington Post

Europe's largest technology conference

- USA Today

Davos for Geeks

- Bloomberg

The best of Silicon Valley and European technology

- The Financial Times

The world’s largest startup conference

- The Huffington Post

Web Summit is actually very earnest about ensuring tech confronts the growing political backlash against it.

- Politico

Web Summit is a clash of the serendipitous and the staged

- The Financial Times

Where the tech world meets

- The Guardian

Davos for millennials.

- Politico

Glastonbury for Geeks

- The Guardian

The largest technology conference in the world.

- Forbes

The Olympics for geeks.

- Politico

One of Europe's most important tech events.

- Euronews

Some of the world's best companies exhibit at Web Summit

Our partnership with Web Summit allows us to build brand awareness especially in Europe and in Asia as we grow our business outside the US

- Sendgrid

The great connections that come from Web Summit make it the one must-attend tech conference in Europe

- Tyler Hayes, Senior Communications Manager, Cheetah Mobile

Partnering with Web Summit opened up global networks and real opportunities for us. We got more than enough return on our investment.

- Heather Stafford, Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Business Oregon

Our partnership enabled us to connect with brilliant startups and investors in exclusive, networking-focused receptions, dinners and lounges. We were able to strengthen our brand, develop new relationships and cultivate new client opportunities.

- Alton Deane, Managing Director, Dentons Venture Technology

We connected with global leaders from industries that matter most to us. I would say just one thing to companies considering partnering with Web Summit: do it!

- Garrett Whitmore, Partner, Finparx

Web Summit puts your company right in the middle of the most influential in tech and business. It’s where you go to make the most valuable relationships.

- John Dillon, Vice President Marketing, Akamai

We partnered with Web Summit to connect with a highly influential audience in the right context and environment. Web Summit is all about superior quality in every facet – attendees, speakers, topics, media, serendipity, and much, much more. It just works, beautifully.

- Kieran Hannon, CMO, Belkin International

Partnering with Web Summit helped establish our company as a tech leader and real innovators. The partnership nailed it for us. If you want to get to the centre of international tech and business, exhibit at Web Summit. It’s the place to go to make the most important connections.

- Yoni Assia CEO, eToro